Establishing a Foreign-Trade Zone

FTZ’s may be formed by any public entity, including quasi-governmental corporations or organizations. The process is long but clear and the benefits often far outweigh time and expense of establishment.

Permitted Activities:

  • Assembly

  • Exhibition

  • Inspection

  • Salvage

  • Destruction

  • Reclassification

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing

  • Storage

  • Testing

  • Relabeling

  • Repackaging

Port of Entry

Any port designated by the U.S. Government where goods may enter the United States.


Duties paid upon leaving FTZ and entering U.S. markets. No duties paid if re-exported.

Benefits Inbound

Local and State tax breaks and benefits

Duty deferral and reduction

Streamlined cost-saving input procedures

Benefits Outbound

Re-export duty exemption

Invert tariff relief

No duties for waste or zone-to-zone transfer