DTGruelle is dedicated to the highly specialized task of providing freight forwarding, customs brokerage services, insurance, secure and climate-controlled storage, specialized packaging, and door-to-door logistics high value and strategically important commodities. Whether by land, air or sea, DTGruelle ensures that client cargoes arrive safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Our export coordinators are fully trained and certified in handling and packing HAZMAT cargoes, and DTGruelle mandates that all staff undergo and pass STA background checks in compliance with TSA directives.

DTGruelle’s experience importing and exporting significant defense articles bundled with a unique framework for managing the re-importation of goods requiring a return to the OEM for repair. With the ability to navigate stringent DDTC regulations, and intimate knowledge of DSP-5 and DSP-73 Export and DSP-61 Temporary Import License procedures, DTGruelle is highly qualified to handle goods in all categories of the USML and CCL.

By managing the supply chain, DTGruelle can help government agencies reduce overhead costs and improve shipping management. By working with our clients every step of the way to determine the best solution. We understand that our customers’ goods are not simply monetarily valuable, but also strategically important. This is why we take every step required to ensure cargoes will arrive at their destinations in the same condition in which they were received. Through our cargo management system, DTGruelle can provide clients with access to Integrated Shipment Tracking Services enabling clients to receive in-route updates of their cargos as they are in transit, and allow immediate access to DTGruelle’s staff of highly capable import and export coordinators to address concerns quickly and efficiently. This approach leads to reduced costs, faster cycle times, and enhanced client satisfaction.