Customer expectations for faster order-to-delivery time and the need to reduce inventory levels across the supply chain are driving most companies towards securing a relationship with a Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker who is on time and focused on communication. DTGruelle is the service provider who understands the actual problems you are trying to solve and works with you to determine the best solution.


  • Nationwide Clearance via Remote Location Filing

  • Account based manager with designated backup

  • Large staff of licensed Customhouse brokers and Certified Customs Specialists

  • World Wide Agent Network

  • Customs Bonds

  • Liquidation results

  • TIB/Duty Drawback

  • Textile Specialist Quota/Visa

  • Warehouse Entries/Warehouse withdrawals

  • Protests, PEA’s and Administrative Procedures

  • Import compliance and consulting

  • Automated solutions for import shipment tracking and reporting

  • Other Government agency compliance (DDTC, Department of Commerce, ATF, FDA, FCC, DOT, EPA, F & W)