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Port of Entry

Any port designated by the U.S. government where goods may enter the United States.

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Benefits Inbound

  • Local and State tax breaks and benefits
  • Duty deferral and reduction
  • Streamlined cost-saving input procedures

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Establishing a Foreign-Trade Zone

FTZ’s may be formed by any public entity, including quasi-governmental corporations or organizations. The process is long but clear and the benefits often far outweigh time and expense of establishment.

Permitted Activities:

  • Assembly
  • Exhibition
  • Inspection
  • Salvage
  • Destruction
  • Reclassification
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Testing
  • Relabeling
  • Repackaging

Benefits Outbound

  • Re-export duty exemption
  • Invert tariff relief
  • No duties for waste or zone-to-zone transfer


Duties paid upon leaving FTZ and entering U.S. markets. No duties paid if re-exported.


What is Duty Drawback? 

Duty drawback is a refund of up to 99% of the duties paid on goods previously imported into the United States, which are subsequently exported. The scenario is not always this easy: when foreign parts are included in a finished assembly, or raw materials are imported and then processed to be less weight when exported, the calculable amount of duty which can be drawn back can be difficult to ascertain. D.T. Gruelle Company will work with the importer, manufacturer, or exporter to make the application and maintenance processes as seamless as possible.

Note that claimants under manufacturing or unused merchandise drawback may, if approved, file retroactively provided that the drawback claims are filed within three years of the date of export. For many companies, this initial recovery of duty can be quite substantial.

There are four main types of duty drawback, but they fall into two categories. The first category is related to manufacturing drawback and the second applies to unused goods.


D.T. Gruelle Company can partner with you in order to navigate these difficult regulatory and compliance areas to successfully achieve positive financial results in terms of duty refunds.

Drawback is the refund, reduction, or waiver in whole or in part of customs duties assessed or collected upon importation of an article or materials, which are subsequently exported.

D.T. Gruelle Company has set up and maintains many successful duty drawback programs for various customers with many various commodities. Whether the drawback involves unused merchandise or is a manufacturing drawback, D.T. Gruelle Company has the proper systems in place to maintain and submit the necessary records and forms so that our customers receive up to 99% of duties back for their eligible products.

D.T. Gruelle Company’s duty drawback services can assist your company in the following ways:

  • Decrease refund time from the US Government
  • Maintain necessary import and export records electronically
  • Submit all forms electronically
  • Provide status of drawback submissions to our clients
  • All of the above creates a very solid audit trail, and can greatly expedite the duty drawback process.

Contact D.T. Gruelle Company today for a free consultation to your specific Duty Drawback concerns.