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Port of Entry

Any port designated by the U.S. government where goods may enter the United States.

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Benefits Inbound

  • Local and State tax breaks and benefits

  • Duty deferral and reduction

  • Streamlined cost-saving input procedures

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Establishing a Foreign-Trade Zone

FTZ’s may be formed by any public entity, including quasi-governmental corporations or organizations. The process is long but clear and the benefits often far outweigh time and expense of establishment.

Permitted Activities:

  • Assembly

  • Exhibition

  • Inspection

  • Salvage

  • Destruction

  • Reclassification

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing

  • Storage

  • Testing

  • Relabeling

  • Repackaging


Benefits Outbound

  • Re-export duty exemption

  • Invert tariff relief

  • No duties for waste or zone-to-zone transfer



Duties paid upon leaving FTZ and entering U.S. markets. No duties paid if re-exported.